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Budget Self Drive Tours

Budget Self Drive Tours

Designed for budget-smart travellers, budget self drive tours allow you to drive around Iceland yourself, following a specialised itinerary. Your vehicle and accommodation will be organised for you, and you can always add extra tours and activities during booking.

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Budget Self Drive Tours

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Budget travel in Iceland

It is more than possible to travel around Iceland on a budget, granted you’re aware of the financial pitfalls, as well as the shortcuts around expenditure. Before arriving in Iceland, make sure to take time assessing your budget, making accommodation and rental vehicle choices appropriately.

Buying alcohol from the duty-free store, or purchasing from the state-sponsoured liquor store Vínbúðin, is a surefire way of avoiding the high costs of drinking at a bar. Almost all bars in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavík, have daily happy hours too, cutting down on the cost further.

Another means of avoiding reckless spending is to avoid 10/11 convenience stores. Despite their abundance in Iceland, prices are notoriously higher than in other stores, such as Bónus and Krónan. On that note, there is also no need to purchase bottled water in Iceland; originating from the country’s glaciers, tap and spring water are perfectly drinkable.

When it comes to cuisine, one should tread lightly when spending at restaurants. Discount offers will generally occur around lunchtime, making this a better time to eat out, while cooking at home will radically cut down on what you’re paying for grub.

It should go without saying that avoiding some of the pricier attractions, namely the Blue Lagoon, will save the wallet from a massive dent. In fact, much of Iceland can be enjoyed entirely free; Reykjavík is the perfect city for budget travellers, with plenty of compelling cultural landmarks, surrounding hiking trails and points of interest.

Naturally, avoid taxis at all costs and be aware of the services charges proposed by your bank. With handy tips such as these, it should be easy to keep your expenditure to a minimum while travelling around Iceland.

Frequently asked questions

Are budget self-driving tours still available during COVID-19?

Yes! We are still offering these self-driving tours, which are designed for the budget-conscious traveler. These tours include your vehicle and accommodation, but you get to choose any individual tours and excursions to add on. 

Can we visit all the attractions ourselves even if COVID-19 has impacted local tours?

The natural wonders of Iceland are not locked away. Many lava fields, waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes will be visible throughout your drive. COVID-19 has impacted some local tours, but we are always happy to help you find another tour or activity. 

What are the included sightseeing activities in budget self drive tours?

Each self drive package has a unique itinerary. Please note the scheduled activities included in the detailed information section. Many activities in Iceland are free, including northern lights hunting and visiting national parks. Additionally, you can choose to add extra sightseeing activities to your itinerary. It’s also possible to add additional tours and activities such as glacier hiking, ice cave and volcano caving tours. These tours can be added during the booking process, or at any time by contacting the Guide to Iceland team on

Can I change the route if I book a budget self drive tour?

Absolutely. You can make changes to your itinerary by contacting one of our travel agents at any time. Please note, however, that changes made to itineraries may incur charges. 

What type of accommodation is included?

As this is a budget option, guests will be staying in shared rooms in hostels and dormitories. During the booking process, however, you can upgrade to a private room with a shared bathroom. If you are travelling in a large group, family rooms might be optional, depending on availability. If you are unclear on what accommodation level to expect, please contact one of our dedicated travel agents at