The Beer Spa from Akureyri | Transfer and Admission

The Beer Spa from Akureyri | Transfer and Admission
Enjoy the views over Eyjafjörður Bay from the beer spa near Akureyri.
Transfer to north Iceland's beer spa takes you along the majestic Eyjafjörður.
The beer jacuzzi at the beer spa near Akureyri overlooks the north Iceland fjord of Eyjafjörður.
A summer's evening at the beer spa in north Iceland.
The beer spa can be a romantic getaway for a couple in north Iceland, or for a group of friends travelling to Akureyri.
Enjoy a pint after your beer spa, at the Kaldi Brewery in north Iceland.
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Embrace the bizarre with this unconventional spa tour, in which you revitalise your skin and health in a bath of beer. This tour is excellent for those who love relaxation, new experiences, unconventional culture, and of course, booze.

This strange adventure begins when you are picked up in Akureyri, the ‘Capital of the North’. Once you and your small group are all gathered, you will head out to the village of Árskógssandur, by Dalvík, which is just twenty minutes drive away and the location of the spa.

Either alone or with one other person, you will be invited to a wooden tub filled with young beer, hops and live yeast. As unusual as it sounds, many claim that a beer bath such as this does wonders for your skin and revitalises your health. The beer you bask in is, of course, undrinkable, but you will be provided with a pint on the side to help you relax and embrace the experience.

It should be noted that while eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds are welcome on this tour, the legal age for drinking in Iceland is twenty, so they will have to skip the pint.

The brewer of the beer you will relax in and drink is local craft brewery Kaldi. One of the most popular Icelandic labels, you are sure to enjoy the unique flavours imbued in the liquid. Getting tipsy off of Icelandic craft beer is also very easy to frame as a cultural activity, as microbreweries are incredibly popular around the island.

You’ll stay in the beer tub for twenty-five minutes, before moving to a relaxation room for another twenty-five. After that, you have an hour to enjoy the rest of the spa. There are other hot tubs (with just geothermal water in them) you could enjoy, which boast beautiful views over the spectacular fjord Eyjafjörður, as well as saunas. There is also a restaurant on site that you can visit and make the most of.

After two hours at the Beer Spa, you will return to your vehicle and be whisked back to Akureyri. No doubt, you will feel incredibly refreshed, revitalised, entertained, and, all going to plan, a little bit tipsy.

Do not miss this unusual but rewarding experience in Iceland’s North. Check availability by choosing a date.

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  • Pickup time : 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00.

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  • Entrance to the Beer spa (couple or single bath)

  • Small Group Guarantee

  • Driver/guide

  • Robe and towel

  • Beer (for those aged 20+)

  • Food

What to bring:
  • Swimsuits

  • Camera

  • Sense of curiosity

Good to know:

Please note which time you want to go in the bath and whether you will be alone or with another

We will pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse 45 minutes before your bath session.

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The Beer Spa from Akureyri | Transfer and Admission
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