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Private 2 Hour Sightseeing Tour of Heimaey in the Westman Islands with Eldfell & Elephant Rock

Icelanders in the Westman Islands use ropes to scale cliffs with great skill.
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Book a private tour of Heimaey, the largest island of the beautiful Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. Those who want to avoid other tourists and have a more personalised experience with their guide should not overlook this tour.

As this excursion is private, you’ll get to choose how long to spend at each place, whether you are more interested in historical sites, geological sites, or wildlife.

The first of your stops will be Sprangan, cliffs where you will be able to watch your guide do an acrobatic display on ropes. This technique has been used for generations to gather eggs from the birds nests.

You’ll then go to Stórhöfði. If travelling between May and September, you’ll be awed by the thousands of puffins nesting here and flying overhead; more puffins nest in the Westman Islands than anywhere else on earth. If travelling outside of these months, you’ll feel the bracing elements, as this is the windiest place in Europe.

Next, you will travel to the volcano of Eldfell. The eruption here in 1973 was unexpected and dramatic, and the rescue of the people and innovations used to stem the flow of lava are fascinating stories. You will be able to walk in the crater.

Another geological site will follow Eldfell; the Elephant Rock’s distinct shape has made it a favourite subject for photographers. You will then head to the valley of Herjólfsdalur, and look upon the ruins of the farmhouse said to be built by the first settler of Westman Islands

The tour will conclude back in the town, but before you are dropped off, you’ll stop at Stafkirkjan, a charming and historic wooden church.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the Westman Islands without worrying about other guests. Check availability by choosing a date.


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