Reykjanes Peninsula Round Trip Tour

Reykjanes Peninsula Round Trip Tour
Long, lunar landscapes, violent coastlines, and many volcanoes define the Reykjanes Peninsula.
The Reykjanes Peninsula connect Reykjavík with Keflavík.
Brimketill is a coastal lava pool on the Reykjanes Peninsula that is serene in summer and tumultuous in winter.
Reykjanesvíti lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Iceland, found on the tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula.
This bridge metaphorically crosses over from the North American to the Eurasian tectonic plate on the Reykjanes Peninsula.
Due to its many dark expanses and its proximity to Reykjavík, the Reykjanes Peninsula is great for seeing the aurora borealis in winter.

Enjoy the marvels of the Reykjanes Peninsula on this Super Jeep Excursion. This tour should not be missed by those wanting a unique sightseeing trip out of Reykjavík.

The Reykjanes Peninsula is the strip between the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, and Keflavík, where the country's international airport is located. Most visitors will see it after their flight as they head towards their hotels, but few explore it in its depths.

You will be picked up in Reykjavík in a Super Jeep, ensuring that no bumpy road is inaccessible and your group size is guaranteed to be small. Once everyone is ready, you will set out for Reykjanes.

This peninsula has a wealth of fascinating sites. For example, you will see crater lakes that range from the vast and serene, such as Kleifavatn, to the unusual and brightly coloured, such as Grænavatn. There are a wealth of lava fields, such as Ögmundarhraun, and cone-shaped-volcanoes, such as Mount Keilir.

The number of geological sites is matched only by the geothermal. The Seltun, Krýsuvík and Gunnuhver geothermal areas are all fascinating in their own right, with the latter having the largest mud-pot in the country.

The reasons for the wealth of geothermal and geological activity along Reykjanes Peninsula is because the Mid-Atlantic Rift runs right along it. You will stop off at Sandvík, where a bridge runs between one set of cliffs, which are part of the North American tectonic plates, and another, which are part of the Eurasian.

After seeing the many sites of the Reykjanes Peninsula, you can opt to be dropped off at the Blue Lagoon. Here, you can bask in healing, azure waters, enjoy the silica masks, and marvel at the rising steam and surrounding lava fields.

Witness the geothermal and geological sites of the Reykjanes Peninsula. Check availability by choosing a date.

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Reykjanes Peninsula Round Trip Tour
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