ATV & Northern Lights from Reykjavik

ATV & Northern Lights from Reykjavik
Seeing the Northern Lights is the perfect way to compliment an ATV adventure.
You will be driving as the night time approaches, thus ensuring your chance to spot the aurora.
Seeing the Northern Lights is always better with the company.
Those who decide to ride ATVs and Buggies in the winter are, truly, the most adventurous riders of all.
The aurora can appear in numerous colours, from green to red to purple.
No one can be sure when the Northern Lights will appear; it is, however, the tour operators who are able to give the best guess.

Enjoy a thrilling adventure and witness a natural phenomenon like no other with this combination tour of driving an ATV and marvelling over the northern lights. This excursion should not be missed by winter travellers who seek both adrenaline-pumping fun and awe-inspiring beauty.

This tour begins in Reykjavík; you are picked up and taken just outside the city to where your quadbikes are waiting. Here, guides will dress you in a helmet, gloves and overalls (although be sure to bring warm clothes to wear underneath), before introducing you to your vehicle.

Please note that only qualified drivers are permitted to operate a ATV; anyone six and up, however, is welcome to ride as a passenger.

Once everyone is comfortable, you will set out into beautiful Icelandic nature right outside the capital. The first feature you will pass will be the serene Lake Hafravatn. If taking this tour in the dead of winter, it will be cased in ice; the rest of the time, it is notable for its birdlife.

After rushing along the shoreline of the lake, you will then take the rocky trails up to the peak of Mount Hafrafell. Once there, you will have a short break to take photos, switch seats if you are riding with another driver, and enjoy the views.

If you are lucky and the weather is clear, you will be able to see over the city of Reykjavík, its adjacent bay, and two peninsulas: Reykjanes to the south and Snæfellsnes to the north. If it is cloudy, fear not; the low light will bring a haunting yet beautiful atmosphere to the winter landscapes.

After you've taken your photos, you'll descend the mountain, enjoying the most exhilarating leg of the journey, before arriving back at base camp an hour after departure.

The fun, however, will not end here. You'll be picked up in a bus, and set out further into Iceland's nature to tick 'seeing the northern lights' off of your bucket list.

Your destination will be based on the cloud cover, the aurora forecast and your guide's knowledge of the darkest, most isolated viewing spots. Keep your eyes on the skies as you travel, as you never know when the lights will begin to descend.

When they do, you will stop to marvel over their beauty. The aurora borealis are an incredible phenomena, where beams and swirls of green light descend from the sky; if you are lucky, you'll also see a spectrum of other colours, such as purple, red, white and blue. Their intensity cannot be predicted, but Iceland is one of the best countries in the world to enjoy an incredible show.

After a hopefully spectacular viewing, you'll be driven back to Reykjavík.

Don't miss this excellent combination of adventure and Icelandic nature. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Sep. - Mar.
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Activities: ATV, Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum age: 6 years.
  • Languages: English, Icelandic
  • Highlights: West Iceland , Reykjavík, Hafravatn, Hafrafell, Northern Lights, South Coast
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 17:00.

** ATTENTION: Please be ready at your hotel lobby at 30 min Prior to your departure. If your hotel has a listed Bus stop next to your pick up location, that means that your hotel is listed on either one of the main walking streets or in the blocked out area for transfer.  Unfortunately, it's not allowed to pick up from that area. Therefore, have been assigned multiple Bus stops for clients staying that are listed on these streets. The bus stops have been listed accordingly to be nearest your accommodations. Please, meet us there at the given time of your pick up time. Please check the voucher ticket for links to the bus stops ATTENTION **

  • 1 full hour out on the ATV trails

  • Sightseeing over Reykjavík with stunning views

  • Hafrafell Mountain summit, Hafravatn Lake

  • Northern Lights Mystery Tour with Gray Line

  • Gear: overalls, helmets, balaclavas, gloves

  • Pickup & return transfer from your Reykjavík Hotel

What to bring:
  • Good outdoors shoes

  • Outdoor clothes suitable to the weather conditions

  • Adventurous spirit!

Good to know:

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed even in clear weather. If you do not get to see them on your tour, you will get the opportunity to try again for free.

Similarly, the Northern Lights component of this tour will not go ahead if the cloud cover is too much, and you will be able to reschedule for another night.

this is a COMBO tour with 2 activities This is a DOUBLE rider Option for the ATV ride, if you wish to be a SOLO rider the price is 4000 ISK additionally - Paid upon Arrival, please send us a message by clicking 'Inquire about this tour' if you wish to upgrade to SOLO rider


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