Helicopter Tour | Eyjafjallajökull Glacier & Fimmvörðuháls

Jump into a helicopter to see Iceland from above, especially the shocking crag of the very volcano which made the front page of every European newspaper in 2010 – the mighty Eyjafjallajökull glacier! This tour is for anyone looking for something different than the usual bus tour, or anyone who loves Iceland’s volcanic landscape.

In 2010, a series of 3,000 earthquakes heralded the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull glacier, whose name is famously difficult to pronounce. From March through May of that year, a series of eruptions rocked the nation, erupting from the volcanic caldera hidden under the innocent-looking ice cap.

After the first eruption, meltwater surged down the glacier, flooded rivers and requiring 800 people living in the nearby area to be evacuated for their safety. Ash rained down over Europe in an apocalyptic black cloud, bringing air traffic to a screeching halt for several days while the authorities waited for clear skies.

The eruption became explosive when meltwater flooded back into the volcanic vent itself, superheated, and then burst into the sky in incredible gouts of flame and smoke.

The landscape was changed forever as a new fissure was blasted open in the Fimmvörðuháls, located between Eyjafjallajökull and the neighboring icecap, Mýrdalsjökull as the earth attempted to relieve some of the terrible pressure. You’ll have a chance to feel the ground here, which remains hot, as you make a stop in the valley.

To get to the volcano, you’ll fly along the famous black sand beaches of the south coast, where black basalt columns stand vigil out at sea, unheeding the crashing waves. You’ll also soar over areas like Hengill, one of the most important geothermal areas in Iceland and a source of much of our precious hydrothermic water power.

Keep your eyes open for Þórsmörk, one of the most beloved woodlands of Iceland, so pretty that it was dedicated to the Norse God Thor himself. (The name means “Forest of Thor.”)

And, of course, you’ll view Reykjavik as only the birds do on your way to and from the city, watching the people scurry to and fro on their summer idylls, in between colorful rooftops.

Though Eyjafjallajökull is dormant, she is never boring! Don’t miss your chance to see the ice cap. Check the booking availability above by pressing "Choose a date."

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Oct. - Dec.
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Helicopter
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 2 years old
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Reykjavík , Þórsmörk , Hengill , Eyjafjallajökull , Fimmvörðuháls , Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
Pickup information:
  • Starting time : 10:00 13:00, 14:00, 15:00,

Free pickup.
  • Transportation from your accommodation to the helicopter take-off point in Reykjavik

  • Transportation to your accommodation from the helicopter take-off point in Reykjavik

  • English- and Scandinavian-speaking guide

What to bring:
  • Clothing and outerwear suitable for rainy or chilly weather

  • Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking

Good to know:

The weather changes quickly in Iceland, so don't be caught unawares. It is always better to bring a sweater or dress in layers which you can remove if you are too warm.

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