Black Beaches and Rivers | Riding Tour in North Iceland

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Langhus farm, Northwest, Iceland, Sveitarfélagið Skagafjörður, I
4 hours
English, German, Danish
Minimum age:
10 years old

Come along on this tour for a fantastic ride through the Icelandic countryside. Saddle up and ride the Icelandic horse through meadows, beaches and rivers to Flókadalur valley in North Iceland, where you'll have a fantastic view of the Icelandic Highlands. Animal lovers visiting northern Iceland should not let this tremendous opportunity pass them by. 

You will meet your guides at the stables in north-west Iceland. Note that first-time riders might find this tour a bit too long. However, if you are a sporty beginner and think you have the stamina, it can be very enjoyable. The trip should also be relatively easy for expert riders and those with some riding background, and a whole lot of fun.

After saddling up, you'll start by heading towards the meadows and moors on a countryside road where there is very little traffic. You'll then head down to the ruins of a small, old village by a lovely beach. Iceland's volcanic environment makes it so that most of the beaches in the country do not have golden sand, but jet black. 

After riding on the beach for a while, you'll go up into the beautiful Flókadalur valley, passing a few lonely farms on the way. The view from Flókadalur is nothing short of fantastic as it overlooks both Iceland's interior, the Highlands, and a peaceful lake. 

Next up is some excitement; you will cross, on your horse, the deep Flókadalsá river! Then it is up to your guide's discretion where to head next. Your local guide knows the area well and is sure to find the best spot of the day, be it a dramatic gully or a luscious forest.

After a short picnic break, where you can stretch your legs and chat with your fellow riders, it is time to try out the Icelandic horse's unique gait, the tölt. Then, you'll head back to the stables where you'll bid farewell to your guide and your lovely companion, the Icelandic horse.

Discover the beautiful Icelandic nature and get to know the friendly Icelandic horse with this fantastic tour. Check availability by choosing a date.


English speaking guide
All riding equipment, including helmets
Lessons prior to the ride


Horse Riding



What to bring

In the summertime it is a good idea to wear:
A wind-tight jacket.
A warm sweater, for example a fleece sweater.
Some soft type of trousers (jeans with thick seams can be uncomfortable).
Comfortable gloves.
Sneakers or sport shoes or light walking shoes (shoes wider than 4.5 inches or 11.5 cm. can be unsafe).
The climate in our area is wonderful in the summer, rain hardly happens, and a lot of still weather, and good temperatures for Icelandic standard.  But people from other countries are often not used to our summer temperatures. 
In the fall/winter/spring we recommend wearing wind tight pants too.

Good to know

All tours are guided in English, but if you prefer German or Scandinavian, inform us on beforehand and we'll have a guide with the right language know-how. If you ride regularly at home you can bring used riding clothes that you can wash in the washing machine (min 40°C) before coming to Iceland. Regarding used riding helmets and riding shoes, you cannot bring them to Iceland due to a risk of disease.

Please note that the weight limit is 100 kg (220 lbs) for this tour.

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