Northern Lights Tour | Chasing the Auroras in South-West Iceland

Northern Lights Tour | Chasing the Auroras in South-West Iceland
The Northern Lights can be seen across the country but are best viewed away from the lights of towns, cities and villages.
The Northern Lights can appear in orange, green and purple shades.
This Northern Lights Tour allows for the opportunity of seeing the Northern Lights at their best.
The Northern Lights appearing above an Icelandic mountain on a Northern Lights Tour.
Because this tour is conducted in a minibus it allows for an intimate and personal experience.
The Northern lights putting on a show.
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Come along on this affordable guided tour to hunt for the magical Northern Lights. Get away from the bright city lights and into the darkened countryside of southwest Iceland to witness the celestial display of the Aurora Borealis. Those travelling in the winter months should not let this exceptional opportunity pass them by.

You’ll be picked up in Reykjavík in the evening and driven out of the city into the Icelandic countryside where you’ll start your adventure, chasing the perfect sky to see the Northern Lights.

The best conditions for witnessing the spectacular Auroras is darkness and clear skies, and on your journey, an expert guide will seek out gaps in the clouds and signs of these elusive lights. They will also throw in a few interesting facts about the Northern Lights, as well as entertaining tales from their bottomless well of knowledge.

Once a good spot is found, you’ll exit the cosy bus and go out into the frosty winter air, so remember to dress well so you can comfortably enjoy the magic of the lights. However, if your choice of thick coat and woolly socks isn’t enough, you can ask your guide for a blanket to keep you warm as you watch the sky light up with the green, white and pink hues of the Aurora Borealis.

The Northern lights are caused by particles from solar winds entering the earth’s magnetic field, but as you watch these lights expand and contract in all direction, moving like dancers above, you might think that they are more than just particles—that they are a living, breathing presence in the sky.

You will have the opportunity to have your photo taken with the backdrop of the Northern Lights flickering above you. After the tour, you can find the photo on Facebook or have the guides send it to your e-mail address.

So don’t hesitate! Breathe in the Arctic air and witness the spectacular Northern Lights, surrounded by nothing but the wild Icelandic nature. Book now to secure your spot on this fantastic tour. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Sep. - Apr.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Activities: Northern lights hunting
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Icelandic
  • Highlights: Northern Lights
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 21:00.

Pickup time:
Oct. 1. 2017-March 14. 2018 between 20:00-20:30
March 15.-Apr. 22. 2018 between 21:00-21:30

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.

  • Reykjavík Pickup

  • English speaking guide

  • Free WIFI and AC on the bus

  • Use of warm, cozy blankets

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes, dress in layers

  • Hat, scarf and gloves

  • Wear warm socks and insulated outdoor footwear

Good to know:

This tour will not be operated if the conditions are bad. The Northern Lights forecast is checked every day, and at 17:00 it will be decided if the tour is going to be operated or not. You can check with the provider for further information.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, but the tour guides will do their best to find them. If the Lights do not show on your trip, you are more then welcome to join this tour again another night for free. Just remember to rebook your new free tour by contacting the tour provider.

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Really fantastic tour! We did see the lights, but we were kept warm inside the bus until one of the guides spotted them. I was also soaking wet from exploring ice caves and waterfalls all day, but they had an extra jacket for me in the car! We got a great scientific explaination for the lights, and our guide let us take as many photos with the professional camera as we wanted. *Spoiler* you’ll get to celebrate seeing the lights with hot chocolate, shots, and cookies!
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Es una experiencia indescriptible!!!! Muy personalizada. Ese día, de las tres empresas que tenían el tour programado , una canceló. Nuestro guías insistieron en cazar auroras, insistieron en que las viéramos y en capturar hermosas fotos. Nos atendieron muy bien, atendieron nuestras necesidades. Ya cuando regresábamos, ellos lograron detectar otras auroras, y detuvieron el bus, para que las pudiéramos disfrutar. Si vas a Islandia, no dejes de cazar auroras.
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We were very lucky to have Omar as our guide. He was kind and knowledgeable and made sure we saw whatever we could that night of the northern lights.
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If anyone can find the Northern Lights, Omer can! He seized a couple of opportunities on a night when the Lights were playing hard-to-get, so we were not disappointed. I also valued his stories about the people and culture of Iceland told to us on the way out. I thoroughly recommend this trip!
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Was a good experince, the weather wasn't very good around Reykjavik on the night I joined the tour, but was OK. The guide Mr Omer was a wonderful person and he tried his best.
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The tour guide and photographer were very nice. Sadly, we didn’t get to see Northern Lights, but the tour was very accommodating for reschedule. The only “bad” thing is that you don’t go too far out of the city, so the city lights are still visible. Very important to take warm clothes.
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I saw the northern lights! They were beautiful and the guides provided some extra surprises that were really nice. I also really liked our bus guide Sonya. She gave us great recommendations that made the rest of our trip even more amazing. There was an issue with one of the buses breaking down and the guides didn't handle it very well. We didn't get home until 1:30 am. But, I don't think that happens very often.
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Omar was very fun and the sky was right for seeing some NOrthern lights
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