Northern Lights Minibus Tour

Northern lights descending over a lonely waterfall.
The Aurora Borealis over a still lake in Iceland.
The Northern Lights dancing in the sky.
The Northern Lights can be seen in human settlements, although they are best viewed away from all lights.
The Northern Lights slowly appearing in the winter sky.
The Northern Lights by Hallgrímskirkja Church in central Reykjavík.
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Reserve your place on this cosy minibus tour and go hunting for the Northern Lights in the company of new friends! This tour is for anyone who has ever admired pictures of the Northern Lights and wished they could run away to Iceland.

You’ll finally see them yourself on this special evening. With a small group, you can have your own communion with nature, and ask your guide all the questions you have. You’ll be picked up at your accommodation and whisked off to the country away from the noise and bright lights of Reykjavik, allowing you to hunt for the Northern Lights in the silence and darkness of the Icelandic winter.

You’ll be outside in the elements while you hunt for the Aurora, so be sure to bundle up and wear your favourite woollen socks. Your tour guides will help to keep you warm with a supply of hot chocolate and ginger biscuits.

Remember that although they are startling, the Lights are also unpredictable: The Aurora Forecast in Iceland gives a likelihood every day of where they may be found, but sightings cannot be guaranteed. If you are unlucky and don’t spot any Northern Lights on your tour, you can book yourself another night - for free!

The Northern Lights can be white, blue, green, pink or even red. These colours are caused by particles from solar winds slamming into the earth’s magnetic field. When these charged particles hit the oxygen-rich atmosphere, they react with the different chemicals and burst into glorious colour!

Don’t miss this brilliant display of nature’s very best Check the booking availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Aug. - Apr.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Reykjavík, Northern Lights
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 20:30

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.

  • Pick-up at your hotel or at a designated BUS STOP

  • English-speaking guide

  • Minibus tour

  • Hot Chocolate and ginger biscuits

What to bring:
  • Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking

  • Warm clothing and outerwear suited to rainy or chilly weather

Good to know:

Sightings are not guaranteed and the whole trip depends on weather condition. Weather conditions are checked at 4 PM every day and in case of cancellation, you will receive an e-mail or you can check at the front desk at your hotel.


The tour was nice! Although we didn't see the northern lights. We still have the beautiful and clear sky full of stars. I know it really depends on luck. We will see next time! (Its very touchable that if u fail once, u can re-book another day for free!)

Thor the tour guide was lovely and funny. He seemed experienced in chasing northern lights and we arrived at the perfect location way before the big tour buses which was nice! There were lights the night we went out but super feint so really hard to see without a camera. Luckily Thor has offered to send us a photos he took that night via email so we will have something to take home from this :) We also got hot chocolate and biscuits which was awesome!

I did not see the Northern Lights, but I think the tour was still an enjoyable experience. I would recommend it.

So worth it! The first night we went we didn't see any indications or northern nights. The following night it was cancelled and we started to stress we wouldn't see them! The following day was a beauty and the tour was on. We saw a few indicators and it was hopeful! Nearing the end of our tour we finally saw them! They shone for about half and hour! Make sure you download the app 'northern lights photo taker" to get the best pictures of the northern lights. Staff were easy to deal with regarding emailing for rebookings for the next night and tour guides were uber friendly. Highly recommend!

Wonderful! We didn’t see any lights on our tour, but you can rebook until you do! The night we wanted to try again was full, but we got so many great tips and spots from the tour, that when we tried on our own we saw the lights! It was incredible! The tour guides we very nice and professional and tried so hard to find the lights on a less than ideal night. Unfortunately it’s up to the sun, so it’s hard to know when to book ahead of time. Overall we had a great time and would definitely do this tour again!

Lucky to see the northernlight with the mini bus tour. Actually even the eyes could not see, the camera still show a beautiful picture of the northenlight. The tour driver seems to take care of most of the people who did not bring camers, so when eyes could not see, they just go on the bus and go. If you bring camera and want wonderful picture, you might consider this.

That was both fascinating and frustrating experience. Our initial tour was cancelled because of the weather conditions and I received cancellation email in to promote/spam folder, which I never check. And because of that we were waiting the bus in the bus stop for 20 minutes and of course it didn't come. After calling to the company I was explained that I need to reschedule tour, what I did. And three days after it happened!!! Yes we saw northern lights from the first attempt. And it was worth to wait!!! Amazing experience!!!

We were supposed to start our tour on the day that we arrived, but due to our delayed flight, we were allowed to postponed it to another night. We started the northern lights tour with little expectation as the forecast was 0 activity. Nevertheless, our cheerful guide from can’t remember his name , but he was an ex teacher) brought us out of Reykjavík to try our luck. To our delight, we managed to spot the elusive lights and it even danced before our eyes! We were exhilarated. We were also rewarded with a celestial show of shooting stars, Milky Way and a twinkling sky. This was an experience I’ll never forget and is the highlight of my trip to Iceland! The group was small, and hot chocolate n cookies were provided as we stayed out in the freezing night. It was money well spent!

Had a fantastic evening and got to see the northern lights! Matthias was a brilliant guide. Would strongly recommend!

Unfortunately the tour was cancelled on two occasions due to inactivity of the lights - no issue but still waiting to here back from the tour company in regards to refund as we were unable to re-schedule due to returning home. Taking a while to respond to emails!

This was an amazing experience. We booked the tour on a very good night and we saw a lot of the northern lights at 3 different locations. The tour guide was very enthusiastic and educational. We travelled out of the city and into the countryside while hunting for the lights. The tour guide brought us to excellent remote places where there were no other tourists. The Minibus was very comfortable with free wifi. We were very impressed especially at the end where we were given hot chocolate and traditional Icelandic ginger biscuits. If you are taking photos with your phone, I would recommend adjusting your camera settings in order to see the northern lights in the photo's. I would most definitely recommend this tour!

It was literally a hunt for the Northern Lights, but we had a super funny guide and with hot chocolate and ginger biscuits we also defied the cold and finally saw Northern Lights :)

Brilliant tour, much more intimate than a whole coach load of people. We mistakingly got on the wrong tour bus to begin with but they came and got us from the town centre within minutes. We were lucky enough to see the lights on our first night, and the tour guide has since sent round photos of us and the lights which are absolutely stunning.

Excellent! The first night we didn't see anything, bit we still had fun making friends with the tour driver and other people on the tour. We were allowed to rebook for the next night, and wow, what an experience. We were driving along the road and all of a sudden we see the lights appear from behind a mountain (we hadn't even gotten to our destination yet!). The driver pulled over and we stayed there for a good while to watch the lights stretch all the way across the sky, even to where we could see them with Reykjavik in the distance. The driver then took us to the actual spot where we were supposed to go and this time they were actually green with a touch of RED. Just beautiful! A once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. Thank you!

Brilliant, even though it was snowing and cloudy when we left Reykjavik our driver tried a few places which weren't successful but on the third try he found an excellent spot where it was clear skies and we saw the Aurora right across the sky. The driver was very entertaining and we enjoyed our treat of yummy hot chocolate and ginger cookies !

The trips is fantastic, experience tour guide and luckily we saw the Northern light at our first day night in Iceland.

Nice tour, right on time. Took us to a nice spot. We saw the lights and it was amazing. The hot cocoa and biscuits are just perfect for that cold.

The tour was nice, we found a great spot to check out the lights. Aaron was very energetic and clearly loved his job! My only issue was that we didn't stay for too long because people were cold. And maybe cameras could be banned to provide a chance for people to actually just sit, be quiet, and enjoy the beauty. Too many people trying to get that perfect picture which ends up ruining the moment for others.

The tour was amazing, beautiful northern lights. I wish there had been a bit more assistance taking pictures, especially since I'm a solo traveller. I wish we had gone a bit further away to completely black out the light pollution.

Luckily,we saw the northern light in the tour. The guider was so nice, he picked me up on time and provided hot coffee to us.

The experience was friendly with entertaining drivers. The lights might not be guarenteed but warm cocoa is and it really helps with the cold. Third time was a charm with this company and they never gave up. Thanks for a great trip

Great experience with a friendly guide. Thanks for the yummy hot chocolate!

There was a bit of a mix-up with the times for the meeting (the email we were sent from Guide to Iceland had the wrong time apparently). But the tour company arranged for another mini-bus to pick us up and we got to do it that night in the end. I'm glad we did because we managed to see the Northern Lights that night and it was spectacular! The guide was very good too. Entertaining and informative. There was a bit of a problem with the sound on the microphone going very quiet sometimes, but most of the time it was fine. So there were a few issues, but they managed to sort them out and overall it was a great tour.

Third time was a charm for Northern Lights and yes, it was definitely the wait and the hype! We got to see the dancing Aurora Lights:-)) The overall experience was amazing, except for one thing... I wish they have a no smoking policy or smoking not allowed 20feet from the bus! I didn't like the fact that people could smoke right at the door and cause the inconvenience to all! Hully our driver on the third day was amazing and did a phenomenal job of making sure we had the best viewing for the Northern Lights. I felt like I was in the movie "Twister", but instead of chasing hurricanes I was chasing the perfeck sky for Aurora Lights. Hot chocolate and ginger cookies were good and definitely worth having in the cold:-) Oh if you want to capture Northern Lights, iPhone 8plus is good but having a true DSLR camera is worth it... I could see the huge difference! It is worth the money you spend on this trip since the experience of seeing Northern Lights is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

The tour was great! The tour guide was friendly and gave us a lot of information about the lights. He even left us his email so he can send us the pictures of the lights that night and we had a group photo also!

We had a great tour and we did see fabulous northern light! The tour guide is friendly and helpful, and he tried to take us away from the crowd and tried different places for us to have the best views. He also helped us with the camera sighting. Recommend this tour to all!

Tour guide was super friendly and personable. He had a great sense of humor on the way to the site. We lucked out, as the aurora was magnificent that evening! The hot chocolate was a perfect accompaniment to the chilly night. Def recommend this tour!

I totally recommend to take this tour, even if you don't see any lights. Our guide was great, charming and funny, he talked about various cool facts from Iceland and gave us cookies and hot chocolate, perfect for the low temperatures in the night. We saw a little of a light, i'm totally happy with that, i've never seen anything of a light so i'm grateful, besides, i talked with interesting people and so a beautiful moon rising on the horizon. They'll take you again if you don't see any lights, but my girlfriend and i were on a tight schedule. I totally recommend this tour.

I liked that if you don't see the lights they will take you again - it was a semi cloudy night so I was a little worried and this was a good security blanket! Luckily the lights were out, and were amazing! Our guide helped people with which settings would be good for their cameras. You can't capture these with a normal point and shoot or phone camera (just a warning!) and you'll need a tripod :) The hot chocolate was a nice touch, because it's pretty cold when you're standing still. The only thing was it felt so short!! I'd definitely recommend this for the price and security!

This experience was great! The driver was super friendly and picked us up just on time! We went out in search of the lights and while they were only faint, he was very helpful on how to take photos of them and when all the other busses left, we stayed longer and the lights got much brighter! He also had a never ending supply of hot cocoa and cookies. It was a great night!

The pick up was quick and on a lovely mini bus, we drove to a secluded location it would seem the bigger buses couldn't reach so we were only surrounded by a few small groups and saw a magnificent display of the lights which had everyone excited. The guide was friendly and the hot chocolates and biscuits were a lovely touch. I would definitely recommend this tour.

Hop on board the Hawkbus and buckle up, you're in for a great night! Our northern lights hunt with Haukur was an absolute success on his speedy and clean mini-van. After a week of cloudy nights, we were lucky to get a clear forecast on our final night in Iceland, and boy did it deliver! Though the lights were faint to the naked eye, Haukur was quick to point out that it still comes out great in pictures, so we set up our tripods and fired away with great results! Top marks to Trips Iceland, they were very responsive to the multiple changes we had to make for scheduling and pickups. Top marks to all!

It was one of the best tour I had in Iceland! We were lucky with gorgeous northern lights, and the guide, Ari, was very helpful, informative and also really fun. There were music, hot chocolate, and cookies and all of that made the trip even better! Definitely recommend this minibus northern light tour!

We had a wonderful experience! The first tour, we did not see any lights, but we were able to easily book a second tour for free the following Sunday! On that night we saw the lights! Tour guides/drivers were lovely and informative. Would definitely recommend!!

We have been very very lucky to see the Northern Lights on Wednesday. It was amazing and unforgettable experience plus the hot choccolate and biscuits was amazing to have during the cold night. Absolutely recommend this tour.

It was lucky enough that we meet cloudless weather, level 3 Northern Lights forecast and a good guide (Trips Iceland). Our guide is a aurora hunter himself. So he knows how to plan the location to get the least influence by other light source (e.g. vehicles passing by). Finally we got great photos for that night with beautiful sky. For this trip, weather is the only factor you need to worry about.

Really amazing aurora tour, we have seen quite strong northern light towards the end of the trip, our driver Sigthol is very nice and considerate, he prepared hot chocolate and ginger biscuit for us to fight with the freezing weather. Anyhow, it definitely worth going and you should not miss this tour in Iceland

We booked our amazing Northern Lights tour with Trips. Absolutely excellent customer service, the tour guide was very friendly and knowledgable, the bus was comfortable. We saw the lights, and they were spectacular!

Very nice tour with cup of hot chocolate, helpful tour guide Ari, kind to people and patient. Very funny man. Tells stories about Iceland and northern lights. Minibus was great for me and my husband as we both have problem to get into normal coaches by steps. Small tours are better, feel like private tour. We got this tour as a present from our daughter and we had amazing time. Aurora were beautiful. Thank you

Oh wow, I'm speechless! I don't like organised tours but I'm so glad I went for this one! I always wanted to see northern lights but I knew that staying in city, I might not get the best view of it. Tour guides Arinbjorn and Joana (I think that was her name) were great, funny and I learnt a bit about northern lights from them. It was like listening to a story, when they were explaining it to us. What I really loved about this tour was that they made it fun, they made us to be a part of an Aurora hunt. At beginning they told us some options where it should be visible and we could chose where we wanted to go. As we were driving, they called their friends in those locations to check what can be seen and then we could choose. WOW! Ehmm somehow they managed to make us all work as a team. Mind you, I am shy person an we didn't know each other! But I made new friends there. At first I was bit disappointed when I've seen northern lights. I was expecting the stuff from photos. They told a us these are not that strong if we would like to hunt bit more. And off we went. What we found next was spectacular view of dancing green light visible with a bare eye. BONUS watching this with cup of hot chocolate with a biscuit on a freezing cold night! Truly PRICELESS! Tour guides were were friendly, happy to answer any questions anyone asked them. Another bonus was the short story and Icelandic lullaby they sang to us on the way back. And after that they just let us quietly enjoy the ride back. Like they were reading our minds. But wait this wasn't all. When they were dropping people off, at least 5 of them said 'See you tomorrow night for another aurora hunt!' And I totally understand why! If I wasn't leaving next day I would book another trip and go again as well. I done this tour last year but since then I recommended it to so many friends and everyone is pleased with them! Thank you so much Arinbjorn and Johana for an amazing tour time!

My rating for the organisation of the trip. The initial tour was cancelled due to weather and we rebooked onto the next day. The bus turned up on time but we had to visit one hotel twice because of no-shows (who still did not show up on the second visit!) The tour guide then took us into some rural area of Reykjavik for reasons I still do not know. Then we finally go on our way about an hour after we had been picked up. The guide gave us some facts about Iceland but was silent quite a lot (I think he was having a bad day). We went to three locations in hope of seeing a brilliant display (the lights were sort of there but not visible to the naked eye). The other tour guide we "hung around with" from another company was more enthusiastic than ours. Silence on the way back to Reykjavik. It was a strange evening and we got back at about 1 am.

This tour left me disappointed. Having joined aurora tours in Tromso (Norway), this tour in Iceland paled in comparison. I booked the tour on Christmas Day and the tour guide/bus driver wasn't even passionate about the tour. During the journey to the viewing spot, he was just talking about some things in Iceland and his voice/tone showed no interest to engage us. He just drove us to a viewing spot and let us roam around freely. When I asked if he could bring the group to a more quiet viewing spot away from the city lights and crowd, he initially declined and said we would stay put in the area as long as the Northern Lights were out. While I understand the tour duration was just three hours, I would appreciate more passion and interest from the tour guide to at least stay longer for tourists like me to catch the Northern Lights especially when they were getting more active. The only positive thing about this tour is the price. It is 1/3 the price of the one I joined in Tromso.

Through no fault of the tour company, turns out the night we went (at least where we were, as I did meet others who did see great displays that night) was not great for seeing the Northern Lights. When we were out of the bus, the sky and stars were beautiful, nonetheless. I appreciated the smaller size of the bus. Here are the places where I came away a bit disappointed: the guide did not provide as much background about the Northern Lights or the area as I would have liked; very little commentary or updates overall. Felt almost like he was new at this. That said, he was very personable before and after the tour. He also promised cocoa and gingersnap cookies but never actually handed them out. The hot cocoa would have been really nice as we stood out in the cold.

We agreed the date we go is not the best, and we are lucky enough saw the northern nights in the first stop in 20 mins. The driver is too lazy and send us back to the hotel afterward... HEY we shall enjoy in seeking the lights for 3 hours instead of just 45 mins trip. While no one can ever guarantee seeing the Northern Lights, if this spectacle is on your bucket list like it was mine, do yourself a favor and plan a visit to the Iceland. Even if you don’t see the Lights, my fingers are crossed that you’ll get to experience the Northern Lights in their full glory just like we were lucky enough to see.

I learned a lot about the northern lights which I wish I had known before I went to temper my expectations. 1. Most of the time the northern lights don't look like the photos you see. They are captured generally with DSLR cameras using a variety of settings. Don't expect to capture it on a smart phone, unless it is incredibly strong activity on a really clear night. 2. There is a northern lights forecast that you can look up online but just like many things concerning the unpredictability of nature it is an estimated guess so it isn't guaranteed. The night we went the lights showed up great on the cameras people were using but barely visible to the naked eye. While this was a little bit of a let down that was not on the tour company. The tour we orinally signed up for was cancelled due to the weather and we were rescheduled later in the week. They did a great job emailing us as soon as they knew they would cancel (around 4pm that night) and let us know on our rescheduled day that the tour was in fact on and going to happen and reminded us of the pickup time of 8:30. We were the last group to be picked up and it was about 9:20 before they got around to us. Not sure if that was because other passengers weren't ready to go or if the tour company was late. There didn't seem to be enough spots in the back of the van so we sat up front with the guide and all of his gear. It wasn't the most comfortable but made you feel like you were part of the search team looking for them. We made several stops throughout the evening looking for lights. It was cold and really windy so be sure to dress appropriately. We finally found a good spot to catch a glimpse between the snowstorm and clouds. They did provide hot chocolate but no ginger biscuits as was advertised. But I wasn't on the tour for the ginger biscuits. The headset for our guide in the van didn't work so we didn't get to hear a lot of information about the lights so we just asked questions since we were in the front. I did feel a little scared as the driver seemed very distracted and the road conditions were not great with ice and snow. Our guide did bring along a camera and took photos for us in front of the lights but I have contacted them and still haven't received the link to the photos 3 days later. Although I am confident I will get them eventually. All in all if the weather is good and you are comfortable driving in some snow I would suggest going out by yourself to look for them. It was great not having to worry about the weather or getting lost but if we had had a car we could have saved the money and done it on our own.

Not very lucky with the lights. The guide was very enthousiastic, but we only got a whiff of the northern light. Everybody was disappointed except the guide. A bit of a pity because the tour is also quite expensive.

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Northern Lights Minibus Tour

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