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Explore the beautiful island of Drangey on this unique sightseeing and puffin-watching tour. Those seeking to enjoy Iceland’s hidden gems and wildlife should not overlook this excursion.

This tour begins at Sauðárkrókur marina, in north Iceland. Here, you will find your guide, board your vessel, and set out into the sparkling waters of Skagafjörður bay.

In clear weather, you’ll be able to see the fortress-like island of Drangey jutting dramatically from the fjord as soon as you set out. This beautiful formation was created in an eruption 700,000 years ago, although according to legend, was formed when two giants and their enormous cow were caught in the light of the sun and frozen to rock.

The closer you get to Drangey, the more impressive it will become, not only because of its scale and the sheerness of its cliffs, but because of its wildlife. Thousands upon thousands of seabirds nest here in the summer, and it is one of the best places in the country for spotting puffins.

You’ll be able to see these darling creatures up close from the boat, nesting in the nooks of the rocks, fluttering overhead, or bobbing on the surface of the sea. Avid birdwatchers will also note a range of other species, including gannets, kittiwakes and shearwaters.

As always in Iceland, whenever you are on the water you have a chance of seeing seals, dolphins and even great whales.

You will pull up to the harbour at Drangey, and have one of two options for how you can spend your time here. You can either relax by the boat, enjoying the marvellous views the harbour has to offer, or you can follow your guide on a hike up the cliffs of the island.

The hike is quite steep, but follows a path to make it easier. As you travel, your guide will tell you the tale of Grettir, an infamous if somewhat misunderstood Icelandic outlaw who came here in exile and was killed in Drangey. His story is told in one of the country’s most famous sagas, Grettis Saga.

From the highest points of Drangey, the panoramic views are spectacular; you’ll be able to marvel over the fjords of the north and gaze out towards the Arctic Ocean. Of course, you will also see many more seabirds, soaring to and from the water and nesting in the rocks.

After taking your photos and relishing in the beauty here, you’ll descend to the harbour, and be sailed back to Sauðárkrókur.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to go puffin watching and hiking at one of Iceland’s hidden gems, Drangey Island. Check availability by choosing a date.


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