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Private 60 Minutes in a Weightless Float Tank at Hydra Flot Spa in Reykjavik

Feel weightlessness in a floating tank.
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Shut off for a solid hour of pure relaxation in a warming Epsom salt bath in the heart of downtown Reykjavík. Those looking for the best way to rid themselves of jet-lag or those who just want to unwind should grab this chance now.

The Spa in Reykjavík offers complete relaxation in its 'floatation' tanks, often likened to 'sensory deprivation' tanks. The shallow water in their floatation pods is skin temperature, rather than body temperature, making for an incomparably comfortable experience of floating.

Because of the dense concentration of Epsom salt in the water, you'll float like a rubber duck. Close your eyes and escape gravity as your body finds its natural relaxation position. Your shoulders will release tension. Your neck will be magically supported by the salty water.  

The floatation tanks present an incomparable opportunity to leave behind your worries for an hour of deep focus and calm. And the spa has a bonus: floatation is an all-weather activity, meaning that you can do it even in a blizzard or on a rainy Reykjavík day and still reap the full benefits of this unique activity.

One hour in the tank has been likened to eight-hours of sleep. It's even safe to doze off as you float in your private tank, but additional floatation devices can be provided for those who feel less secure. Furthermore, the lid of the floatation tank can be closed for an experience of complete darkness, or left open for those who are less comfortable in the dark. 

This is perfect for those few hours between your flight into Reykjavík and your check-in time at your hotel; in fact, much of the spa's clientele comes in to shrug off the jetlag and to prepare for a fruitful trip in Iceland. 

And the best part? Towels, soap (you must wash before and after), and other creature comforts (hot chamomile tea, anyone?) are on site.

Book now and secure an appointment at Reykjavík's most innovative spa. Check availability by choosing a date.


60+ minutes of pure float time
Private float room which includes a large private float pod, a private shower cabin with shampoo and body wash
Bath towel & hand towel
Bottled water
Optional head support foam device




Cultural Activity

What to bring

You do not need to bring anything special for your float. Bathing suit is optional, as rooms, tanks and showers are private.

Good to know

You will be given a brief orientation and then left alone in your private room. The tank and room are lit with timed lighting. The lights will dim and only motion control light will be active for safety. This means your float escape has begun. You can now "let go" and enjoy your float absent of light, sound, gravity or distraction. After 60 minutes the tank and room lights will come on to signal session is over. You will want to shower again to get the salt off your body, dress, grab your bottled water and return to the lobby or visit the full shared restroom if needed.

There is a separate and shared full toilet/bathroom at the spa. It is suggested to use the toilet before your booking time.

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