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The Ring Road

Travel the 1,332 km (828 mi) route that circles Iceland, and ensure that you don’t miss out on the very best natural features and activities this land has to offer. With stops at all major visitor attractions, lesser known sites and hidden gems, ring road self drive tours provide the perfect means to explore each of Iceland’s fantastic regions.


South Iceland

Traverse South Iceland's entire coastline, where glacier rivers thunder through black sand deserts and fierce volcanoes rest under vast glacier expanses. See the majestic Seljalandsfoss and the mighty Skógafoss waterfalls, walk Reynisfjara black sand beach, visit Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and explore the electric-blue ice caves of Vatnajökull, Europe's largest glacier.


West Iceland

Explore a region characterised by picturesque fjords, sweeping mountain horizons and sleeping volcanoes. Visit the hauntingly beautiful Westfjords and the mystical Snæfellsnes peninsula, see Snæfellsjökull glacier and Mt. Kirkjufell, the most photographed mountain in Iceland.


North Iceland

Discover a treasure trove of natural marvels and unique travel experiences in North Iceland. Visit Akureyri, the vibrant "Capital of the North", witness the force of Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall, and enter the scenic wonderland surrounding Lake Mývatn where the Dimmuborgir lava fortresses and Námaskarð geothermal pass embody nature's unbound and raw volcanic power.

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Frequently asked questions

About self drive tours in Iceland

Self drive tours are holidays where you drive to your destinations yourself and choose how to fill your days. Your accommodation, vehicle and excursions are all organised prior to arrival. You'll follow a personalised itinerary, prepared by local travel experts at Guide to Iceland, allowing you to navigate to Iceland's must-see attractions easily. You can, of course, add extra tours and activities to your itinerary during the reservation process.

1. Can I shift the dates of my self drive tour after I have booked?

Yes, but please be aware that any changes depend on availability and a 15% service fee might be added to the price of the entire booking if the process of putting your package together is already underway.

2. Can I book the activities and tours later?

We recommend that you book activities and tours at the same time as the self drive tour, but yes, they can be added later.

3. What happens if roads are closed due to weather or a natural disaster, and I can't reach my destination?

If the roads are closed, we will assist you with all the necessary arrangements in any way possible. Our capability, however, depends on the availability of hotels and tours. If new hotel or tour bookings are needed, there might be extra charges, but we will always do our very best to rebook without any additional costs to our customers.

4. How and where do I pick up my car?

Either a car rental representative will await you in the airport's arrivals hall, or you will board a free shuttle that will transfer you to the car rental service station which is situated a very short distance from the airport. Be sure to check your voucher for further information.

5. I arrive late at night, will I be able to pick up my car?

Yes, you will be able to pick up and drop off your car at Keflavík International Airport at any time.

6. Do I need to be in possession of an international driver's licence?

The information on the driver's licence must be written in the Latin/Roman alphabet. Although an international driver's licence is preferred, it is not necessary. Also, you must carry the actual driver's license with you at all times, not a copy.

7. Is there a maximum age for car rentals?

No, there are no maximum age requirements, but all drivers must, of course, be in possession of a valid driver's license.

8. What are the minimum requirements to rent a car?

It depends on the car rental. The minimum age limit in Iceland, however, is always set between 20 and 23 years old. Additionally, the driver must have held the driver's licence for at least one year. A credit card in the name of the driver must be provided. Be sure to contact your travel planner for further information.

9. Is there unlimited mileage?


10. I'm travelling with a small child, will I be provided with a baby car seat? Are there baby cribs in the hotels?

Yes, we happily provide travel services to families of all sizes. Please inform your travel agent about the age of the children, and all the necessary arrangement will be made prior to your arrival.

11. Can I add insurances to the rental car?

Yes, you can add all the insurance types that the car rental offers. Contact your travel planner to inquire about your options and extra costs.

12. How long is the drive each day?

In general, the tours are set so the actual time driving is approximately four hours per day. Occasionally it might go up to 5 hours, e.g. when returning from a tour on the south shore to the city in winter or when you are driving in the Westfjords, where the roads can be narrow. Please note that this is a rough estimate, as travel speeds in Iceland are very weather dependent. Please note that this is the time spent driving, and does not include any stops or sights.

13. Where do I go to see the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are one of the most incredible natural phenomena in the world. You can see green, red, blue or white colours dancing happily in the sky from anywhere in the country. 

To see the Northern Lights, the rules are similar to stargazing: You need a dark night, a clear sky and moreover some Northern Lights activity, which is dictated by atmospheric conditions and solar wind. They can be seen between September and April when the nights in Iceland are very dark and long. In summer, they cannot be seen due to the Midnight Sun and bright nights. 

For more information, check out our article What are the Northern Lights?

Before heading out, check the Icelandic Meteorological Office’s Aurora forecast 

14. How can I rearrange my tour to new dates or make changes to my Self-Drive?

Please contact your travel planner directly, or write to us at Please note that rearrangement might cause significant changes to all accommodation and tours, and is not possible within seven days of arrival.

If an All-In-One Holiday Package or Self-Drive is significantly changed from the original package setup/route as offered on the site, the product is considered to be a tailored tour and might be subject to a 15% fee on the total package price as a service charge. This does not apply to added nights at the end or at the beginning of an All-In-One Holiday Package or Self-Drive.

15. My tour was cancelled because of the weather. What should I do?

If there are weather cancellations, you're eligible for a full refund. Usually, this refund is automatically processed, and you will receive an email confirmation. You also have the option to reschedule the tour if you have availability to do so. If an email regarding this has not reached you within a day, please write to us at, stating your booking number and your tour.

16. I missed my meet up with the guides. What can I do?

It is the responsibility of the traveller to be on time. No refunds are given for tours missed. If you expect to be late, please contact the tour operator, the phone number is located on your voucher, and let your guides know. Depending on the tour, you might be able to meet up with the tour group at a stop along the way.

Why choose a self drive tour?

Visitors to Iceland will often undertake their holiday in one of two ways. The first method is to opt for a guided tour, allowing the guest to sit back and relax as the logistics of their holiday are worked out for them.

Self drive tours, however, provide far greater levels of flexibility, allowing guests to customise everything from the quality level of their room and board to their day-to-day itinerary.

Self drive tours, therefore, perfectly suit those who relish the opportunity for independent travel, longing for the freedom that only comes with taking to the road under one’s own initiative.

Awe-inspiring landscapes—from cascading waterfalls to glittering glacier lagoons, quintessential fishing villages and misty mountainscapes, volcanic black-sand beaches and steaming geothermal valleys—lie in the wait for in the self-governing traveller.

Driving in Iceland requires a basic understanding of the country’s road rules, as well as a keen awareness toward some of the more common hazards.

To begin, driving off-road in Iceland is strictly illegal and comes with large fines for those that are caught. Note that this is due to the fragility of Iceland’s natural environment, a fact tempered by the long periods of recovering time needed for the ecosystem to repair.

Also be aware that despite this country’s staggering beauty, it is important to stop your vehicle for sightseeing and photos at the safest possible opportunity rather than merely by the roadside. The most popular attractions in the country will usually have a designated car park.

It is the law that headlights must be turned on at all times while driving, and naturally, drink-driving and texting behind the wheel are both strictly prohibited.

In Iceland, vehicles navigate on the right side of the road, with the most popular route being Road Nr. 1, which circles the country. The vast majority of self drive tours will take you along this route, with diversions being made throughout in order to visit other attractions.

It is important to check weather conditions before taking to the road. This is for your own safety and also allows you plenty of time to pack any spare items you might otherwise have forgotten. For instance, despite the summer’s glorious climate, it is crucial to bring along sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from its glaring rays during summer self drive tours. Undertaking a winter self drive tour, on the other hand, demands a more thorough cache, with items such as scarves, hot coffee flasks and extra socks all taking an essential place in the boot of your car.

Also, be keenly aware that the weather in Iceland is notoriously temperamental, often switching from one extreme to the other within a matter of minutes. This can make planning rather difficult, especially whilst taking a multi-day trip across the country, and thus it is so important to stay alert, whenever you’re driving in Iceland. This also goes for the wildlife, particularly sheep, who enjoy licking salt from the roadside, hence constituting a driving hazard.