Small-Group 4-Day Thorsmork Valley Hiking Tour with Reykjavik Transfer

Red and brown hues of a volcanic landscape at the Thorsmork nature reserve in the Icelandic Highlands.
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Tour starts
BSI parking lot, Reykjavík, Iceland
Starting time
at 06:30
4 days
Ending place
BSI parking lot, Reykjavík, Iceland
July. - Aug.
Minimum age
14 years old


Discover one of the country’s best hiking areas on this all-inclusive four-day hike in the Thorsmork valley. Active adventurers keen to experience the natural beauty of the Icelandic Highlands should book this tour now.

During this four-day excursion, you’ll traverse moderate to challenging trails in the Thorsmork nature reserve. This area is the last part of the famous Laugavegur trail, considered by many to be the most stunning.

Thorsmork is a glacier valley, also called The Valley of Thor, after the Norse God. It’s nestled between three glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull, and Tindfjallajokull, and boasts awe-inspiring scenery.

The tour begins when your group meets at the BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik. From there, you’ll travel to Thorsmork on the Highland bus, a large 4x4 vehicle well-equipped for the rugged terrain you’ll need to traverse.

Your destination is Langidalur hut, where your hiking group will spend the next three nights. The accommodation is in dormitory-style rooms, so you’ll need to bring a sleeping bag or rent one. Make sure you have cash for the hut’s showers, payable on-site.

All meals are included on this multi-day trek, from lunch on day one to lunch on day four. On day one, you’ll get lunch after arriving at the hut and dinner after an afternoon hike. Days two and three include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and on day four, you’ll get breakfast and lunch.

Each day brings the opportunity to challenge yourself physically on a different trail and enjoy breathtaking scenery across diverse landscapes. This area is a hiker’s paradise with mountains to conquer and rivers to cross, where you can marvel at the unbeatable vistas, from glaciers to lava fields.

Your group will hike around 25 miles (40 kilometers) over the four days. You should expect to be walking for three to seven hours each day, with between 656 feet (200 meters) and 3280 (1000 meters) of ascent and descent daily.

A good level of physical fitness is required for this multi-day hike, as it is considered moderate to challenging. Participants aged 14 and older are welcome to join the tour.

This small-group tour is for between four and 16 people, ensuring your guide looks after you well. They’ll share insights about the area and answer any questions you have, and you can expect a positive and memorable experience.

Over the four days, your expert mountain guide will lead you to the area’s hidden treasures only known by experienced locals. As you discover fascinating natural wonders, from caves to canyons and craters, you’ll know this is the trip of a lifetime.

After an exciting four days of hiking amid some of the country’s most epic scenery, your group will travel back to Reykjavik on the Highland bus.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of Iceland’s most beautiful areas with this four-day Highlands hike in the Thorsmork glacier valley. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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Experienced and qualified English-speaking mountain guide
Mountain hut sleeping bag accommodation in dormitories
Transport from and back to Reykjavik at the beginning and end of the trek
All meals, from lunch on day one to lunch on day four
Four days of hiking in the Thorsmork valley, returning to Langidalur hut each evening



Daily itinerary

Day 1
The Langidalur hut in the Thorsmork valley boasts a picturesque valley setting below a jagged mountain range.

Day 1 - Reykjavik to Thorsmork with an Afternoon Hike

Day one of the tour begins when your group meets at the BSI bus terminal at 06:30 in Reykjavik. From there, you’ll catch the Highland bus to the Thorsmork glacier valley.

You’ll feel the excitement build as you travel through the beautiful South Iceland countryside and anticipate what’s to come over the following four days. The journey takes you through the gorgeous villages of Selfoss, Hella, and Hvolsvollur before reaching the rugged terrain of the Highlands.

The Highland bus is a 4x4 vehicle that can easily take you off the beaten path. As you head to Langidalur hut, you’ll enjoy an exciting ride across several unbridged rivers, a thrilling way to start this adventure.

After dropping your bag in your dorm room, everyone will have lunch to fuel up for an afternoon hike. Today’s trek takes between three and four hours, covering three to five miles (five to eight kilometers) and taking you up and down 1312 feet (400 meters).

You’ll walk across a hiking bridge over the Krossa river, taking in the majestic scenery of this remote location. Thorsmork has a warm and wet climate, creating the lush green oasis that makes this area famous.

Trollakirkja (the church of trolls) is also on today’s agenda. It’s a unique rock formation featuring a small cave underneath, offering a fun place to explore and take photos.

Next, you’ll head through the beautiful Hvannargil valley or up to Mount Rettarfell. Your expert guide will make the best decision about the route based on the group’s needs and the weather conditions.

After an epic afternoon of exploration, the group will walk back to the hut to prepare dinner. Enjoy a well-deserved meal to replace your energy before relaxing with fellow hikers and reflecting on the day’s adventure.

Finally, it’s time to retire to your dorm room for a good night’s sleep, so you’re ready for a full day of hiking tomorrow.

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Day 2
Hikers traverse a path alongside a volcano in the Thorsmork nature reserve in the Icelandic Highlands.

Day 2 - Thorsmork to Fimmvorduhals Pass

This morning your group will fill up with a hearty breakfast to prepare for the tour’s biggest hiking day. Today you’ll complete a whopping 3280-foot (1000-meter) ascent and descent, the highest climb of the four days.

When there’s a challenging climb, spectacular panoramic views and an unbeatable feeling of satisfaction await. Today’s hiking distance is 11 miles (18 kilometers), and it will take around seven hours to complete.

The group will start by walking up the hills to the Fimmvorduhals Pass, one of the most famous hiking routes in the country. Make sure your camera is ready to capture the awe-inspiring scenery that makes this an epic location for trekking and photography enthusiasts.

As you traverse dramatic ridges, you can breathe fresh air and appreciate the superb mountain vistas. Soon you’ll reach the Morinsheidi plateau, where you can marvel at the evidence of the lava stream that flowed here in 2010.

The famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption began at Fimmvorduhals in March 2010, opening a fissure vent along the northern part of the pass. You may still notice the heat and steam from the lava.

A week after the eruption started, a much larger fissure opened. Two new volcanic craters, Magni and Modi, formed. Soon you’ll reach the lava field, where you can see these two craters and marvel at the fascinating lunar-like landscape around you.

After enjoying the rewarding views from your challenging climb, the group will head back to Thorsmork. The walk down offers further opportunities to appreciate the panoramic vistas and the changing landscape as you return to the lush valley.

At the day’s end, you’ll be ready for a tasty dinner at the hut and the chance to put your feet up after an epic day of walking. Get an early night so your body can recover well and be ready for another day of hiking.

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Day 3
A hiker stops for a photo at the end of a ridge in the Thorsmork valley, with the ice-covered mountains beyond.

Day 3 - Thorsmork Tindfjoll Circuit

On day three, you'll wake up and have breakfast, ready for another epic full day of hiking. Today's trek doesn't go quite as high as yesterday's, but it's still a good push with a 1476-foot (450-meter) ascent and descent.

Your day three trail is incredibly scenic, with awe-inspiring vistas over Godaland, the glaciers, and the inner part of Thorsmork. Godaland is the valley area, meaning the "land of Gods." As you enjoy the views, you can imagine the powerful God Thor surveying the landscape here.

Your group will start by heading into the Slyppugil valley toward Tindfjallagil. Enjoy the peace and serenity on this lesser-traversed route. Many hikers in the area don't make time for this trail, so it's the perfect route to feel completely off the beaten path.

At Tindfjallagil, you'll have time to appreciate Trollakirkja, the unique rock formation with a cave underneath. It translates to "the church of the trolls" and is a picturesque spot to explore and capture excellent photos.

Next, the group will climb up Mount Rjupnafell. You'll feel your heart rate up and the endorphins flowing as you walk, steadily climbing to the top. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and appreciate the impressive panoramic views at the peak, the perfect reward for your efforts.

The last part of today's walk takes you down the mountain, along the Krossa river banks, and back to Langidalur hut. Today's trek traverses approximately 8.6-10 miles (14-16 kilometers), so no doubt you will have worked up a good appetite at this point.

Tonight calls for a celebratory barbecue. The group will enjoy a delicious feast at the hut, an excellent chance to enjoy camaraderie with fellow hikers, and reflect on a spectacular few days of hiking.

This is your final night in the hut, but there's still a morning hike lined up for tomorrow.

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Day 4
Glacial rivers snake through the valley in the Thorsmork nature reserve, while jagged mountain peaks tower all around.

Day 4 - Morning Thorsmork Hike and Return to Reykjavik

On morning four of your exciting four-day hiking excursion, you’ll start with a tasty breakfast before heading out on a morning hike. The group will ascend and descend around 656 feet (200 meters) on a five to six-kilometer (3.1-3.7 mile) trek over three hours.

Today’s walk is up Valahnukur, a small mountain in Thorsmork. The climb is steady and rewards you with superb views from the summit. Make sure you’ve got your camera ready to capture a few shots and make your morning extra memorable.

From Valahnukur’s peak, the group will descend to Songhellir (Song cave), an ancient lava tube from a volcanic eruption. Songhellir’s entrance is a crevasse laden with large fallen boulders.

You can enjoy a mini-adventure climbing over the boulders and through a gap to explore the cave. After marveling at the rock formations and the waterfall that drops from the cave’s interior, it’s time to continue.

The morning’s adventure finishes by walking to Husadalur and then back to the Langidalur hut. Your group will have a final lunch at the cabin before boarding the afternoon bus back to Reykjavik.

Over the past four days, you’ve enjoyed discovering some of Iceland’s best hiking trails in an area known for its outstanding natural beauty. You won’t be disappointed in choosing Thorsmork as your hiking destination. The contrast of the lush green valleys and jagged ice-capped peaks is breathtaking and something less-adventurous travelers can only imagine.

The ride back to Reykjavik offers another opportunity to appreciate the magnificent South Iceland scenery. You’ll also feel elated from your physical efforts tackling the paths less traveled and can head home with memories to last a lifetime.

Your bus will arrive at the BSI bus terminal at about 19:20, where you can say goodbye to your fellow hikers and spend the evening as you wish.

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What to bring

Warm, waterproof clothing, sleeping bag, water bottle, and personal supplies for four days of hiking

Good to know

The group size is 14-16 participants.

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