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Frequently asked questions

What is a self drive tour?

Self drive tours are multi-day excursions across Iceland where you follow a pre-arranged travel itinerary based on your own choices of attractions and activities. Self drive tours provide an unequalled level of autonomy as you set your own pace and embark on the holiday of your choosing, adding as many tours and activities as you see fit. One of the great benefits of a self drive tour is 24/7 contact with a personal travel advisor, ensuring a level of expertise and security throughout your journey.

Where do Golden Circle tours take me?

The Golden Circle is Iceland's most famous sightseeing route and is comprised of three main attractions; Þingvellir National Park, Haukadalur geothermal valley and Gullfoss waterfall. Þingvellir is Iceland's only UNESCO World Heritage and is found within a forty minutes drive from Iceland's capital, Reykjavík. Haukadalur is home to the famous hot springs Strokkur and Geysir. 

When is the best time to go on northern lights tours?

The summer in Iceland, which starts in May and ends in August, is the time of the midnight sun which provides 24 hours of effective daylight at the season's peak. Because darkness is needed to see the northern lights, they are, therefore, best viewed between September and April. 

What are the benefits of taking a sightseeing tour?

By partaking in an organised sightseeing tour, you can sit back and relax while you are transported to some of Iceland’s most beloved visitor attractions. Moreover, during organised tours, you'll be accompanied by an experienced and professional guide capable of providing fascinating facts and deep insight into Iceland’s history, culture and geology.

What is the appeal of snowmobile tours?

Snowmobile tours balance incredible sightseeing opportunities and adrenaline-fuelled action. Whizzing and carving your way across some of Iceland’s most staggering ice caps, you'll be exposed to incredible views, intricate ice sculptures and crevasses, and you'll experience the incontestable thrill of speed.

Can I go on ice cave tours year round?

Icelandic ice caves form within the country’s glaciers and melt away with each coming summer. Most ice caves, therefore, can only be visited during winter. At the beginning of the winter seasons, glacier guides head out into the unknown to locate newly formed ice caves for exploration. The only ice cave that is available to visit year-round is located in Mýrdalsjökull glacier on the South Coast of Iceland.

What are glacier & ice cap tours?

Glacier exploration is one of the most authentically Icelandic activities available—over 11% of Iceland’s landmass is, after all, covered with ice caps. Glacier and ice cap tours allow you to explore Iceland’s most popular glacier hiking locations—such as the glaciers Langjökull, Vatnajökull, Mýrdalsjökull and Sólheimajökull—on a snowmobile, in a super jeep or by foot. There are also numerous tours that take you inside a glacier, either into natural ice caves or a man-made ice tunnel.

Where can I go on whale watching tours?

Whale watching is one of the most popular travel activities in Iceland, thanks to over twenty species of cetacean that call the Icelandic coastal waters home. Visitors can choose to go whale watching from various locations, most notably from Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík, from Akureyri, or from Húsavíks town, which is colloquially referred to as both Iceland’s and Europe’s whale watching capital.

What is Skaftafell?

Skaftafell is a nature reserve found within Vatnajökull National Park, the second largest national park in Europe. The area is renowned for its lush vegetation, panoramic observation points and the wealth of activities available in the area, such as ice climbing and glacier hiking.

Can anyone go on horse riding tours?

Horse Riding is, arguably, Iceland’s most popular travel activity and is open to both beginner and experienced riders. While some tour operators set their own age limits, most will allow independent riders from five years old, but young children are normally led along by the tour guide.