Best Tour Companies in Iceland

Best Tour Companies in Iceland

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The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland.Learn about the best tour companies in Iceland. Discover their most exciting tour packages that you can join for the most unforgettable adventure.

The best tour operators in Iceland make it easy to explore the best attractions on the ring road, Golden Circle, the Highlands, North Iceland, Eastfjords, West Iceland, and the South Coast. Their impeccable services and extensive experience can transform a visit to these locations into an unforgettable Icelandic holiday.

As the largest travel marketplace in Iceland, Guide to Iceland has a longstanding relationship with these operators. This extraordinary collaboration makes it easy to provide you with tour companies that deliver top-rated tours. They are certified and highly rated, with expert guides and professional drivers to assist you from start to end. 

The most fantastic thing about booking with Guide to Iceland and its partner tour companies is your wide selection of adventure packages. Whether you’re interested in exploring Reykjavik, geothermal bathing at the Blue Lagoon, hiking to an active volcano eruption site, hunting for the northern lights, or joining multi-day tours along the ring road, there’s a tour tailor-made for you.

Top 22 Tour Operators in Iceland

The best tours of Iceland provide an array of different ways to experience the diverse beauty of the land of fire and ice. 

To take it up a notch, you can also expect convenient and excellent itineraries from the country’s top tour companies. The guides carefully plan the flow and highlights of your vacation even before you arrive in Iceland. 

While this may be the case for most tours, you can also customize your Icelandic adventure, from your preferred attractions to the method of experiencing their exceptional beauty. 

So, are you ready to go on a tour of a lifetime in Iceland? The following tour companies are all excellent choices for sightseeing and experiencing fun activities in the land of fire and ice.

Arctic Adventures

Arctic Adventures is a sustainable tour provider specializing in small group tours. The company aims to reduce its carbon footprint while providing affordable adventure and sightseeing tours. Arctic Adventures is one of the most popular companies in Iceland, with an expansive menu of tour options that suit any travel style. 

Most Arctic Adventures tours operate out of Reykjavik and specialize in top Golden Circle and South Iceland attractions. Enjoy their professionally guided tours like diving in Thingvellir’s Silfra fissure, river rafting, northern lights hunting, and glacier hiking in Iceland. 

Choose between day tours, multi-day tours, and private tours because Arctic Adventures has different options, including:

Some Arctic Adventures tours include transfers via minibus to and from the airport, but be sure to check your specific package since some include pick-up and drop-off at your Reykjavik hotel. 

See the gentle giants of the sea when you join whale watching tours in Husavik and Reykjavik.

Arctic Rafting

Arctic Rafting is a locally-owned tour company based in Drumbo base camp in Southern Iceland. The company specializes in river rafting tours on the beautiful Hvita river, known for its thrilling rapids and scenic canyons.

Some of Arctic Rafting’s most popular tours include the following: 

The adventure tours of Arctic Rafting have maximum participants of around eight people. Most of these have pick-up locations in Reykjavik, but there’s also the option to meet on-site if your group rents a car and explores sights along the ring road beforehand. 

David the Guide 

David the Guide is one of the best tour operators in Iceland if you want day tours or short multi-day tours from Reykjavik. They specialize in small group and private tours around the most remarkable places close to Iceland’s capital. David the Guide is also known for its fully customizable expeditions to suit the requests of tourists and travelers.

Top tours from this provider include the following: 

Other notable options include private northern lights hunting and glacier hiking in Iceland tours. 

David the Guide does not include airport pick-ups except on private tours. However, the company provides transportation from Reykjavik via private cars or small group tour vehicles appropriate for road conditions during your vacation.

The charming puffins of Iceland.

Elding Adventure at Sea

Elding Adventure at Sea offers some of the most incredible tours in Iceland if boat tours are what you have come to do. This family-owned tour operator specializes in whale watching tours, puffin watching, and northern lights hunting cruises. 

Most of Elding’s tours are group day excursions under 10 hours, but they also have a few multi-day packages to maximize your time taking in the beautiful nature of Iceland. These adventures start from Akureyri or Reykjavik with some options for meet-on-location activities. 

Popular options from Elding Adventure at Sea include tours like: 

Tour sizes range based on your preferred activity, but Elding primarily operates in groups where minibusses or large buses are used for transfers. Elding Adventure at Sea does not include airport transfers but does include pick-up from Reykjavik or nearby towns, depending on the tour description. 

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Eldhestar Horse Riding

Eldhestar Horse Riding specializes in group horseback riding tours in Iceland. The beautiful Eldhestar horse farm, with around 350 horses, is 29 miles (47 kilometers) southeast of Reykjavik.

Many of their tours include pick-up from your accommodation in the capital city via minibus or car. Group sizes depend on the specific excursion you’re joining, but some range from seven to 15 guests. For example, this 10-Hour Tour with Horseback Riding & the Golden Circle has up to 15 participants per booking.

Top-selling tours from this provider include options like the following: 

Families booking this fun activity should note that the minimum age to enjoy most horseback riding day tours and combo tours at Eldhestar Horse Riding is seven years old. 

Explore the icy wonders of Solheimajokull glacier through glacier hiking.

Glacier and Waterfalls EHF

Glacier and Waterfalls EHF is one of the most reliable tour providers in the land of fire and ice that provides exciting nature adventure tours. Some of the best-selling options include the following: 

The private and small group tours begin in Reykjavik, Vik, or Hvolsvollur. Glacier and Waterfalls tour operator arranges pick-up and drop-off to and from your hotel via private car, super jeep, or minibus, depending on the excursion. Airport transfers are not included in tour prices. 

Please note that ice caving tours, like this 4-Hour Katla Ice Caving Tour, require visitors to be at least 10 years old. 

Glacier Mice

Glacier Mice is a professional tour company that offers excellent tours of Iceland’s icy wonders. If ice climbing or ice caving in Iceland is on your travel bucket list, Glacier Mice has your back and will provide every piece of equipment you need. 

Their most in-demand tour is the Vatnajokull ice caving tour from Jokulsarlon. This 26-person maximum group tour starts from the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon car park, so travelers must arrange their transportation from Reykjavik. Vatnajokull glacier is Europe’s biggest glacier, covering around eight percent of Iceland’s landmass.

Glacier Mice adventure tours include an English-speaking guide, crampons, a helmet, and other safety equipment for ice caving.

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Tourists exploring an ice cave in Iceland.

Gravel Travel

Gravel Travel is one of Iceland’s most trusted tour operators for luxury private tours, small group Highlands hiking tours, and northern lights hunting. 

Gravel Travel hosts off-the-beaten-track tours departing from Reykjavik. This stellar tour operator uses luxury vehicles like super jeeps to drive you around in comfort and style.

These adventures include drop-off and pick-up from your hotel in the capital city. 

Popular Gravel Travel excursions include the following: 

Gray Line

Gray Line is one of the oldest tour providers in Iceland, with a comprehensive menu of options for affordable and luxury tours in Iceland. Gray Line offers scheduled day tours from Reykjavik, like a Reykjavik City sightseeing tour and a northern lights hunting tour

Some of their best Icelandic adventures include: 

Likewise, Gray Line offers options for express and premium airport transfers from Keflavik to make your stay in Iceland more convenient.

See the Thorsmork valley of the Highlands when you join hiking in Laugavegur and Landmannalaugar trails.

Icelandic Mountain Guides

Icelandic Mountain Guides hosts an array of fun adventure tours in the wilderness of Iceland. If Highlands hiking, glacier hiking, or an ATV tour in Iceland are on your travel bucket list, Icelandic Mountain Guides is ready to help you check them off. 

Depending on your excursion, tours range from day tours to multi-day adventures.

Most tours of Icelandic Mountain Guides operate out of Reykjavik, in the wilderness of  Skaftafell and Solheimajokull glaciers, and along the best hiking trails of the Highlands of Iceland. Some tours are meet-on-location, while others include transfers to and from pick-up points or your hotel. 


Katlatrack is one of the top tour operators in Iceland, offering ice cave adventures in private locations. The company operates from its base in Vik, a scenic fishing village known for its black sand beaches. 

Katlatrack uses super jeeps, ATV buggies, or minibusses, depending on the type of activity. For example, if a buggy tour along the black sand beaches is something that sparks your interest, Katlatrack is an excellent choice.

Other exhilarating tours with the South Iceland tour company include: 

Mountaineers of Iceland

Mountaineers of Iceland is the oldest snowmobiling tour company in Iceland. They offer a variety of small and large group wintertime adventures, from snowmobiling to ice caving tours. Snowmobiling is one of the most exciting activities that you can do in the land of fire and ice, where you can also explore the diverse landscapes of glaciers.

Top tours from this provider include the following: 

Tours by Mountaineers of Iceland operate out of Gullfoss and Reykjavik, with transfers included via bus or minibus. To operate a snowmobile, you must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license. Fortunately, children six and up can ride as a passenger. 

The picturesque mountain of Kirkjufell in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.


Nicetravel has been one of Iceland’s premier tour providers since opening in 2012. The tour operator offers day and multi-day tours showing Iceland’s exquisite nature. 

From lava caving to hot spring bathing in Iceland, this family-run tour company has thrilling and family-friendly tour options for adventures departing from your Reykjavik hotel. Airport transfers are not included in these tours. 

Tour sizes depend on the excursion type, but all are small groups of up to 20 joiners. Popular tours from Nicetravel include: 

North Sailing

North Sailing is one of the pioneers in sustainable tourism in the land of fire and ice. The Icelandic company primarily offers whale watching tours in the charming town of Husavik, the whale watching capital of Europe.

Airport transfers are not included in tour prices, but you can request pick-up and drop-off from your Husavik hotel. 

If puffin watching in Iceland and educational sightseeing tours pique your interest, North Sailing has tour options for you.

These accessible tours are suitable for all ages and even include a warm cup of hot chocolate and cinnamon buns to keep you warm on board. Raincoats and overalls are provided to every passenger to stay dry as needed. 

Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, is a city of stunning sceneries and rich culture.

Reykjavik Excursions

Reykjavik Excursions is one of the largest tour operators in Iceland, known for its affordable bus tours. The adventure provider offers must-do destinations in their vast menu of tour options. You can choose from private or group tours based on your preference for excursions. 

Reykjavik Excursions operates day tours out of Reykjavik and airport transfers from Keflavik to Reykjavik hotels via comfortable coaches. Meanwhile, if you want to experience the world-renowned Icelandic geothermal bathing from the moment you land, enjoy a trip to the Blue Lagoon from Keflavik Airport

Some of the top-rated Reykjavik Excursions tours include the following: 

Reykjavik Sightseeing

Reykjavik Sightseeing is a leading tour provider offering affordable tours with audio guides so that visitors from foreign counties can learn about the sights in their mother tongue. 

Tours are done in 10 languages, particularly in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Finnish. They also use comfortable coach buses with large windows so visitors can see the landscapes and nature of Iceland conveniently before arriving at their destinations. 

Reykjavik Sightseeing provides a wide array of tours with pick-up from your Reykjavik hotel. Choose from northern lights hunting tours, ATV tours, whale watching tours, and Golden Circle highlights

Reykjavik Sightseeing offers incredible tours like: 

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Join a horseback riding adventure on the scenic landscapes of Iceland.


Solhestar is a top choice in tour companies if horseback riding is your priority on your Icelandic vacation. Solhestar horse ranch is 34 miles (54 kilometers) southeast of Reykjavik with nearly 100 horses.

Tour packages of Solhestar include necessary horseback riding equipment like riding boots, helmets, and outdoor clothing. Some tours include pick-up and drop-off from your Reykjavik hotel, while others are meet-on-location. 

Solhestar has several accessible horseback riding tours, including: 

Remember that the minimum age to go horseback riding in Iceland in most of Solhestar’s packages is 12 years old.

Special Tours

Special Tours is an excellent choice for travelers searching for unforgettable wildlife adventures in Iceland. The Nordic company operates boat-based wildlife and nature tours that depart from the historic Reykjavik Old Harbor. 

One of the most popular tours in their portfolio includes the combo tour of lava caving and whale watching in Iceland. Sightseeing in Iceland is a must-do, and Special Tours goes the extra mile to make your experience one of a kind. 

Fantastic tour options from this provider include: 

Special Tours doesn’t guarantee that the marine animals will be seen during the excursion. However, they offer a voucher for another tour so you can double your chances of spotting the rich wildlife in Iceland. 

The otherworldly pseudocraters of Lake Myvatn.

Star Travel Akureyri

Star Travel Akureyri is one of the top-rated tour companies in Iceland. The tour operator is family-run and specializes in private and small group tours in North Iceland. The northern region of Iceland is known for its dramatic landscapes and breathtaking natural water attractions, from Lake Myvatn to the Dettifoss waterfall.

As the name suggests, Star Travel Akureyri is based in Akureyri, but they also operate many tours in and from the Myvatn area. Star Travel Akureyri has a wide selection of exceptional tours that will delight those seeking to learn about Icelandic culture, history, and geology. Their tours include transport to and from your Akureyri or Myvatn hotel via a comfortable minibus or super jeep. 

One of the most notable tours they offer is the Game of Thrones tour, which visits some recognizable filming locations for the popular HBO television series. 

Other exciting tours from Star Travel Akureyri include: 

Iceland is one of the best places to see the northern lights.

Troll Expeditions

Troll Expeditions is one of the highest-ranked tour operators in Iceland that delivers exciting and fun adventure tours through some of the most famous Icelandic attractions. 

If snorkeling in Silfra is on your travel bucket list, Troll Expeditions offers a variety of snorkeling and scuba-diving in Silfra tours. If you’re more interested in the fire of the land of ice and fire, then a volcano tour in Fagradalsfjall will take you up close to an active volcano for stunning photo opportunities. 

Remember that snorkeling in Silfra tours has a minimum age requirement of 12 years, and glacier hiking tours have an age requirement of eight to 14 years old, depending on the difficulty level. 

Troll Expeditions specializes in guided and multi-day adventure tours in off-the-beaten-track attractions and must-visit touristic spots. 

Troll Expeditions operates most tours starting from Reykjavik, Silfra, and Skaftafell. Tours start and finish at your hotel, depending on your location. 

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Your Day Tours

Your Day Tours is a family-run tour provider with high-quality tours showcasing Iceland’s beautiful nature. The operator specializes in sightseeing tours where visitors can witness jaw-dropping waterfalls, impressive glaciers, and picturesque towns. 

Your Day Tours offers excursions on the South Coast, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and the Golden Circle. These highly visited destinations are must-see spots for many tourists, which is why you will ride comfortable minibusses with large windows for the best sightseeing experience.

The most booked tours from this provider include: 

All tours from this provider operate out of Reykjavik, with pick-up and drop-off from select Reykjavik hotels and guesthouses.

Viking Rafting

Viking Rafting is one of the well-known tour operators in Iceland that specializes in adventure tours and river rafting in the northern region.

Viking Rafting is based in North Iceland and operates group and family-friendly tours along the Vestari Jokulsa river in Skagafjordur fjord. They use modern and safe tour vehicles to transfer guests from Hafgrimsstadir in Varmahlid to the river. 

Viking Rafting uses professional English-speaking guides to safely navigate you down the churning rivers for an exhilarating adventure your whole family and group will remember for years to come. 

The most exciting Icelandic tour tours by Viking Rafting include the following: 

The majestic Gullfoss waterfall in the Golden Circle.

Experience the Best Tours with Guide to Iceland 

These 22 companies are just some of Iceland’s many trusted and reliable tour operators. Each of them has excellent tour packages that will fit the time and kind of adventure every traveler is looking for. 

On your first or next trip to the land of fire and ice, make it more special by touring with Guide to Iceland and its exceptional partners.