Glacier Walk on Vatnajökull | Away from the Crowds | Medium Difficulty

Nothing can describe the joys of conquering Vatnajökull, the largest ice cap in Iceland.
From your perch atop Vatnajökull glacier, you will be privy to incredible panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.
Glacier hiking is one of the most authentically Icelandic activities that you can partake in.
You won't believe the dramatic and intricate ice sculptures that have formed on the glacier.
The feeling of freedom, tranquility and awe that comes over you on the glacier is out of this world.
You've never seen ice like the ice at Vatnajökull glacier.
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Visit the incredible Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. With local guides, without the crowds, and with that little something extra, this is not an experience to be missed by anyone drawn to Iceland's diverse natural beauty.

The meeting place is Hólabrekka farm, located 30 km to the west of Höfn, where you will be introduced to your guide and the rest of your group.

Each participant will receive a backpack with all the equipment needed: a helmet, harness, ice axe, first aid kit and a pair of crampons. Other than that, it is recommended you bring sunglasses, as the reflections of rays off the ice can be quite dazzling and a camera for the many wonders you will see.

From Hólabrekka, you begin your tour towards the glacier. The first part of the trip is taken in a bus along the south coast. The surrounding landscape, of picturesque hills and dramatic cliffs, is absolutely stunning, so keep your cameras ready.

Once parked, you take a short walk across the countryside to a RIB boat, for an exciting ride to ice. Here, the real adventure begins!

As you hike across Vatnajökull, your guide will inform you about the glacier's history, and the changes it has undergone over the past decades. You will pass plunging crevasses and beautiful ice sculptures, and admire the glacier’s incredible colouration. Much of it is the pristine white of untouched snow, but the deeper ice swirls with an electric blue and black veins of ash from centuries-old eruptions snake all around.

You should keep your camera on hand throughout the entire hike; the beautiful desolation of the untouched, ancient landscape is awe-inspiring, and you will want your memories of it enshrined for years to come.

Don’t miss your chance to see Vatnajökull from this unique and exciting perspective! Check booking availability now, by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: May. - Oct.
  • Duration: 4,5 hours
  • Activities: Glacier Hiking, Hiking
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum age: 12 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Vatnajökull, Fláajökull
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 10:00

You meet us at the departure location.
Hólabrekka 30 km west of Höfn and 50 km east of Jökulsárlón (Glacier lagoon). GPS location:Latitude: 64.299328 | Longitude: -15.418947
  • English-speaking, local guide

  • A back pack for you with all the gear inside Helmet, crampons, ice axe, harness and first aid kit.

  • Transportation to the Hólabrekka meeting point

What to bring:
  • Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking (with a thick sole, that cover the ankle), we rent shoes if needed

  • Clothing and outerwear for rainy or chilly weather (waterproof recommended)

  • Water bottle

  • Hat & gloves

  • Camera

Good to know:

The weather in Iceland changes quickly in Iceland, so don't be caught unawares. It is always better to bring a sweater or dress in layers that you can remove if you get too warm. Jeans are not recommended for this tour because denim absorbs moisture easily and takes a long time to dry, leaving the wearer very cold.


We hiked on Flaajokull glacier and it was a great experience. We had no idea the glacier changes quickly from day to day so every experience on the glacier is unique! After a short crampon-walking training session on the glacier, we were shown many moraines and tunnels and waterfalls that have formed on the glacier and even got to drink some of the purest water on earth! Well worth the price! You will come back with amazing photos and an appreciation and understanding of the life of a glacier.

It is a beautiful glacier with almost no people there. You can enjoy all the glacial and nature without disturbution. It's a wonderful trip with guide Sindri. A very nice person who shows us many special and awesome things to see. He anwsers every questions we asked patiently. My parents appreciate this trip and guide Sindri very much. I highly recommend this trip for travellers who want a glacier walk. 非常值得推荐,这个冰川人少却不乏各种美景,导游也十分热情,讲解的十分细致, 一路上会介绍各种包括冰川以外的东西,有什么问题也可以咨询向导,我们这次一家三口就一个团,性价比还是很高的,父母很是喜欢这趟旅程也非常赞赏当天的向导Sindri。

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Glacier Walk on Vatnajökull | Away from the Crowds | Medium Difficulty

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